Rich Monetti

Donald Trump’s Complete Lack of Empathy has had Thousands of Covid Victims Pay with their Lives 

Empathy : the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.   All successful politicians are probably lacking in this area.   The stream of lies they must tell on a daily must be debilitating, and the overall processRead More

Portland : The Prospect of Civil War is more Scary than a Police State

America is raging.  The death of George Floyd has caused protests across the nation.  Cities are struggling to contain the chaos, and violence has infiltrated the peaceful aspect.  As expected, the unrest has Donald Trump exploiting the divide and feigningRead More

Black Lives Matter Mural at the Billy Holiday Theatre Converges a Sense of Healing and Catalyst for Change

2020 is a year we’d all like to forget, and the convergence of two ground shaking pandemics have hit our nation hard.  Unfortunately, America crises usually has people of color taking the brunt of the pain.  So Dr Indira Etwaroo of theRead More

Jamaica Needs your Voice to Rise up in National and Unified Support

Like any country around the world, Jamaica must deal with problems like crime, corruption, educational inequality and economic uncertainty.  The systematic causes run along the same lines too. But the single most important factor in resolving societal challenges involves creatingRead More

What if You had actually Stood with Colin Kaepernick at the Outset

Colin Kaepernick took a knee and you were offended. With the way, too many people upset by the optics, not enough opportunity for change emerged on the actual issue of police brutality and criminal justice reform.  Now, I definitely don’tRead More

Covid-19 Crisis Reveals Fragile Nature of America’s Food System

If you like cheap food prices, our efficient and corporately consolidated food system is hard to beat.  But there are many links – and if a disruption like a global pandemic occurs – the farm to table chain is onlyRead More

Extinction Rebellion Demands the Truth and Action in Worldwide Environmental Movement

In 2009, the Democrats controlled congress, the courts and the executive branch.  The more environmentally inclined party still increased fossil fuel production but can at least be credited with slightly decreasing emissions.  The grade doesn’t cut it for long time environmental activist Dr.Read More

Popularity of Reggae in Japan Leaves Scene Trying to Stay on Message

The Old Guard versus the New The undeniable link Japan has held with Reggae for the last several decades may seem quite unlikely to those of us who haven’t noticed. So trying to figure out how the lineage actually emerged probably requiresRead More

‘Ad Astra’:Is It Worth the Journey?

You’re just Going to have to Decide for Yourself. Luke, I am your father… Another movie about an astronaut with daddy issues—at least that’s what I came away with after seeing Ad Astra. But there’s real issues explored here, and theRead More

Before Christmas Hopes to Raise Awareness on Child Labor

Katra Film Festival Entry by Chinese Filmmaker Chuyao He In America, we know that significant change has occurred in China since the days of Tiananmen Square. There’s rich people, capitalism, and a mountain of US debt owed to the mainland.Read More

Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary Screams for Recognition of Gay Rights Struggle

Scream, Queen Shows Hollywood’s History on Gay Acceptance is not very Bright To Roman Chimienti, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge thoroughly awoke his nascent horror movies undertone. So while the second installment slashed the shallow plot lines of the genre (andRead More

250,000 Annual Deaths from Medical Mistakes, Dr. Richard Klein of Yorktown Urges Us to Survive Our Doctors

Doctor’s Handbook for Surviving Our Broken Healthcare System 250,000 people die annually because of medical mistakes. The statistic doesn’t sit so seamlessly with the claim that we have the world’s best healthcare. Dr. Richard Klein of Yorktown long ago noted theRead More

‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ Is Just One Boring Fairy Tale

Movie Looks Good but Mundane Characters Can’t Save Tarantino’s Latest If someone said that you could go back in time and spend a few days on the Hollywood scene in 1969, the answer would be obvious. You would anonymously shadowRead More

Football for a Buck Reveals the USFL and Its Crazy Rise and Fall

When the USFL hit the scene, the idea of spring football was pretty intriguing. The new league then signed Herschel Walker and notice was demanded. I probably tuned in and likely didn’t last more than a few plays. The sameRead More

New Documentary Explores the 1967 Newark Riots and Racism in America

Documentary film details riots through news footage and interviews of the people who lived it. In 1967, the arrest and beating of an African-American taxi driver by a white cop sparked a riot that killed 26 people, caused millions in damage and ledRead More

South Korea’s Love X Stereo Releases Title Track to NYC LGBT Short Film

Out of the darkness of Love X Stereo’s new video, lead singer Annie Ko emerges and brings somber reality to the pain of love lost. “Love is dead,” she begins, and her compliant look seems to agree. The signature electro rockRead More

‘Matthews’ Sheds Light on English Football Star’s Coaching during Apartheid in South Africa

Babe Ruth swung for the fences in the 1920s, and America crowned him the Sultan of Swat. In England, Stanley Matthews is said to have the same cultural magnitude, becoming the only active footballer to receive a Knighthood. Undoubtedly, theirRead More

World Wide Scholarships (WWS) Group Makes Connection for Africa’s Talent

The loss of his arm has taught him many life lessons and a realization that any moment could be our last.