5 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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I have been involved with small business in some shape or form since I was a kid. I spent the majority of my life developing my own ideas, being an ardent student of small business and paying attention to the moves of some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. Sadly it has been difficult for me to regurgitate all that they’ve taught me especially because there is no magic formula for success. What there is however is a similarity in the characterics of these entrepreneurs, the top five of which I will share with you below.

How Do You See Your Glass

For the most part I’ve chosen to see the world through rose colored glasses. To become a ‘glass half full’ kind of individual it takes one part personality, one part faith in what he or she is working toward, and one part attitude. Successful entrepreneurs have learned to manage the negative environment around them, eliminating it when necessary in order to stay focused on the goals that are ahead.

It Takes Perseverance
I have always believed that a dream and some determination can take one a far way. In fact, many would be surprised to learn that the journeys of some of their favorite entrepreneurs are tales of businesses that either almost never happened or almost went ‘belly up’. See, it is not that successful entrepreneurs have never been at a cross road, but what they’ve done is to determine in their hearts that failure is not an option. A collegian one mentor once told me, “most people give up just before they make it, so don’t give up.” I share this to make the point that successful entrepreneurs have mastered the art of perseverance.

Crush the Box
How many times have you heard the saying, “Think outside the box”? The phrase has been so overused that it now feels like a few motivational words strung together. Did the folks at Apple, Google, and now Uber simply think outside the box or did they kick the box down the street and jump all over it? Look, following the status quo rarely leads one to greatness. I’ve learnt successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to be creative, different, innovative, or disruptive.

Stay True To ‘Your’ Dream
Entrepreneurial dreams are like snowflakes, no two are alike. Some business owners want to become wildly successful with all the fame and fortune that comes with it. For some all they want is to change the world, while for others all they want is to create a business that will offer them a certain quality of life. When I founded The Entrepreneur Café, LLC I was only concerned with helping entrepreneurs make more money, have more time, gain more control, and achieve more happiness and fulfillment from their work. Successful entrepreneurs have unique dreams, goals and objectives. The difference is that no matter how far-fetched their ideas might have seemed, these entrepreneurs have found the courage to live their dreams on their own terms.

Time for Some Action
Some of the greatest ideas ever invented are still unheard of and the number of unrealized dreams out there are too many to count. Many of these shortcomings could have been avoided if only a little action had been applied. Success is not obtainable if there is no effort to match. One of my favorite sayings from motivational speaker Les Brown is, “At some point you have got to be willing to climb up on the roof and kick the ladder away.” Successful entrepreneurs understand that a plan without action . . . is simply an empty promise.

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