Best Places in the Caribbean for Digital Nomads to Earn Money

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Over the last few years, the development of technology and globalization has allowed many people to go digital. What we mean, is that people have gained the ability to work remotely. They don’t have to be bound to one location for years just because of work. This has given them the opportunity to become digital nomads.

Who are digital nomads? They are people who work from mobile locations and do it over the internet, allowing them to move around. Having the ability to deliver the work and communicate with clients online, they can be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a computer.

Jobs like web development, content writing, SEO, digital marketing, etc. all offer this opportunity. They don’t need the client or customer and you to be in the same place. It only takes a few phone calls or emails and the job is done.

If you are one of these digital nomads, hopping countries and now moving to the Caribbean, you might be wondering where you can earn money. Well, here are some recommendations that might help:


Who hasn’t heard of Barbados? The beautiful Caribbean island is a tourist hotspot, which means more modern amenities. One of these amenities is fast internet services. Since tourists from around the world visit the island, they need a strong network to stay connected overseas.

You can use this opportunity to find some online work and get cracking. The island also has international shipping, banking and insurance services that might come in handy. Plus, you will be surrounded by tropical beauty and blue waters.

The Cayman Islands

Like the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands are also a great place for digital nomads. You can register your company if you’d like and start working. If you work mostly on freelancing gigs, you can start working right away. Like Barbados, the islands are a tourist hotspot where you will be able to get fast WiFi.

The Bahamas

Its close proximity to the US makes the Bahamas a perfect location for digital nomads. The islands are known to be surrounded by weekend vacationers, mostly from the US. This means that you can access fast internet, which might be a bit challenging on more remote Caribbean islands.

These places are only a few of the Caribbean islands digital nomads can work from. Since most of them are tourist spots, you can find good internet and banking services nearby. This makes the Caribbean the perfect stop for digital nomads. They can stay a while here without worrying about work and then move on to the next location on their nomadic journey.