COVID Carre Package Update

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Just over a month ago, JDTAN announced a partnership with LASCO Chin Foundation to bolster the distribution of COVID-Care Packages to communities and families in need. Shortly after we announced our partnership, the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA) and then the Alliance of Jamaica Alumni Associations of Canada (AJAAC) joined the effort as well. Today, the number of partners total over 30.
We are happy to share that this week LASCO Chin Foundation reported that 10,000 COVID Care Packages have been distributed! 
The communities initially targeted were Mountain View, Kingston, Salt Springs, Montego Bay and McNie, St. Ann. However, thanks to the additional partnerships, more communities received packages including Hampden, Trelawny; Limehall, St Ann; Stewart Town, Trelawny; Flankers, St James to name a few.
We are thankful that you and so many responded to this call. Check out the videos and photos below of the packages as they are distributed. There have been overwhelming notes of appreciation from beneficiaries and community leaders.
The COVID Care package program will continue, the needs are great.  The realities of the COVID19 pandemic have created great hardship for families in Jamaica as well as in the Diaspora. For those of you who are in a position to help a family, it goes a long way, your continued support is appreciated.
Click on the button below or visit to sponsor a family. Or for more information contact: Sherie Davis, Chair of the Jamaica Diaspora COVID Relief Taskforce,, (214) 810-4037.
Thank you for your support.
-Leo Gilling
Chair, JDTAN
Diaspora Groups partnering with the Lasco Chin Foundation
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