Donald Trump’s Complete Lack of Empathy has had Thousands of Covid Victims Pay with their Lives 

Empathy : the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.   All successful politicians are probably lacking in this area.   The stream of lies they must tell on a daily must be debilitating, and the overall processRead More

A Response To Brian Plummer’s Letter On Venezuela

Adjunct Professor of History and Political Science The United States is in a Cold War with China and Iran – not Russia. China is now the richest country in the world because of the amount of goods they export toRead More

Black Lives Matter Mural at the Billy Holiday Theatre Converges a Sense of Healing and Catalyst for Change

2020 is a year we’d all like to forget, and the convergence of two ground shaking pandemics have hit our nation hard.  Unfortunately, America crises usually has people of color taking the brunt of the pain.  So Dr Indira Etwaroo of theRead More

The Diaspora Movement, A Walk Down Memory Lane

The first time I became aware of the word “Diaspora,” I received a letter from the Jamaican Embassy inviting me to attend a conference being held in Jamaica in the early 2000s. Like the other participants, I responded positively andRead More


“Thy love divine hath led us in the past In this free land with thee our lot is cast Be thou our ruler, guardian, guide and stay Thy bounteous goodness nourish us in peace.” Oh Lord, we are stunned andRead More


Dear Mr. Brian Plummer and My Belizean People, I have been listening to the Press Conferences that our Prime Minister has been giving and he makes it looks as if we do not have a major problem when in factRead More


Many of us are several weeks into following stay-at-home directives from our governments and health officials. For many, social distancing means sharing a confined space with romantic partners while navigating new stressful issues including sudden unemployment, working from home, childRead More

Couples In Quarantine: Only 18% Are Satisfied With Their Communication During Coronavirus Pandemic

Only 18% of surveyed couples reported satisfaction in communication with their partner, with the largest source of conflict is how often to have sex followed by purchasing decisions, then phone time. Dr. Michael Gurian, a marriage and family counselor, recommendsRead More


“Millennials are concentrating more on building their career and becoming more knowledgable about what assets will come from their career salaries and what their income will be in the future” says Jacquline Itani of Stutman, Stutman & Lichtenstein, LLP. SheRead More


The coronavirus pandemic is having a major impact on many families throughout the world. The biggest fear for many people is that; it will shatter their unaccomplished dreams, stop some of them to enjoy what they have accomplished in theirRead More

CARICOM and the Caribbean in the Changing International Order: Towards a new foreign policy?

Charged by the Treaty of Chaguaramas to present a communal forward-facing picture to the external world, politically and economically, the member states of the Caribbean Community are now faced with the new theatrical deviations of the international order. Mingled withRead More

The Cost of Complacency

Plato has somewhere said that in a democratic society the price wise men pay for neglecting politics is to be ruled by unwise men. This observation is so patently true that no one who values his reputation for clear thinkingRead More

Should US aid to Caribbean countries be consistent with the US vote in the UN system?

United Nations NY: Beyond any doubt, the Caribbean’s position in international organizations will improve as its bilateral relations with individual countries get better within the changing international order. Yet, questions persist of how will this affect the substance of international relations?  Read More

The Articles of Impeachment: A blatant arrest of the US Constitution?

The U.S capitol building is full of exaggeratedly twisted stories in which the conflict seems contrived simply to generate drama or comedy or both. One such story is the reading of the impeachment articles against President Donald Trump, and theRead More

Climate Change- Hoax or Real?

This subject has been the center of controversy for over a decade now with no sign of abating. My position has not changed from the beginning and is not likely to change over the next decade unless my home inRead More


The land, forests, plants and animals in Cockpit Country provide us with clean air to breathe, cooler temperatures, fresh water collected and stored, pollination and pest control for agriculture, medicinal plants and fertile soil in the valleys. The forests ofRead More


“Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted, when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy orRead More


Corruption has no geographical boundaries, no class, religious or socioeconomic boundaries. It is pervasive and manifests itself in practically every government across the world. Some manifestations are more obvious than others. But no matter what, the impact of corruption canRead More

While It Is a Good Idea For Garifuna People In The Diaspora To Visit Their Motherland, It Is The Opposite For Those From St Vincent & The Grenadines

From the time our people were forcefully removed from Baliceaux, St Vincent & The Grenadines where they were imprisoned, tortured, killed and buried in 1797 to Roatan, Honduras their lives have never been the same in the countries of; Honduras,Read More

Extinction Rebellion Demands the Truth and Action in Worldwide Environmental Movement

In 2009, the Democrats controlled congress, the courts and the executive branch.  The more environmentally inclined party still increased fossil fuel production but can at least be credited with slightly decreasing emissions.  The grade doesn’t cut it for long time environmental activist Dr.Read More

The Race Card

There are few things that I hate more than racism but let us look at the actual definition of racism: It is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s ownRead More


It’s everywhere — the smell of marijuana, that is. You’ll be lucky if you take your kid to a park, playground or public space, and NOT smell it. Reggae singers such as Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh and even the legendRead More

New Documentary Explores the 1967 Newark Riots and Racism in America

Documentary film details riots through news footage and interviews of the people who lived it. In 1967, the arrest and beating of an African-American taxi driver by a white cop sparked a riot that killed 26 people, caused millions in damage and ledRead More

Who Needs God?

A godly woman was asked by a news reporter how God could allow a disaster like Hurricane Katrina to happen. Undaunted, the woman calmly and profoundly replied: ”I believe that God was deeply saddened by this, just as we are,Read More

Payment Of A Black Debt: Making A New Case For Caribbean Reparations

On the other side of the colonial divide lies a renewed awareness. It is a redefined reality that signals the bitterness of past atrocities of European colonizers against Caribbean people of African descent and their ancestors. Its depths of culturalRead More

Men Need to “Man Up”

I recently read with great interest the well- articulated op-ed by Rebecca Theodore prompting my following response: The plight of Caribbean women is not unique but probably felt more since it has now “hit home”.    Women’s equality in AmericaRead More

Walk Good Seaga, The National Enigma

For those suffering from naiveté, bewilderment, hatred and romanticism as they, mourn and or celebrate the death of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga (1980-1989), I am sorry for you. Mi nuh inna dat. I know I am going to peeRead More

Why It Is More Beneficial For Jamaicans And Citizens Of The Caribbean To Apply For Us Citizenship

I have been living in the United States for many years now and out of all the West Indian people I have met, Jamaicans are the most who are reluctant to apply for US citizenship. But I find that whenRead More

Marijuana Production And Sustainable Development In The Caribbean: Is It feasible?

Given the United Nations sustainable development goals universal call to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity; the question becomes, whether this ambitious goal in achieving the overarching objective of well-being for all,Read More