Couples In Quarantine: Only 18% Are Satisfied With Their Communication During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Only 18% of surveyed couples reported satisfaction in communication with their partner, with the largest source of conflict is how often to have sex followed by purchasing decisions, then phone time.

Dr. Michael Gurian, a marriage and family counselor, recommends in Psychology Today that couples who co-quarantine have as much sex as possible—because sex produces oxytocin, a chemical that bonds couples in the long- and short-term.

A majority of respondents—60% of engaged and 56% of married couples—report strengthened relationships as a result of sheltering together.

Though nearly 25% of married couples are spending 35+ hours per week together, only 29% reported satisfaction with the amount of quality time they spend with their partner (it was just 23% pre-coronavirus).

71% of engaged respondents said they were feeling anxious—the most common emotion above being stressed (62%) and overwhelmed (50%).

But most couples (68%) are making it a priority to deepen their emotional connection and are finding new ways of spending time together—discovering new things about each other, including aspirations for post-pandemic life.