Herbs, Crystals & The Zodiac: Your Roadmap to Health

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Herbs are a natural part of Creation, given to us to heal everything from A-to-Z.  Nature also provides us with Crystals and gemstones which are mined from the earth to use as tools to help us maintain our health, spiritual balance and rhythms, in tune with the vibrations and rhythms of the Universe.  What gives herbs, gemstones and crystals the ability to help us heal is the same life force, or prana, or chi that comprises everything in Creation, and makes us all one with the Universe.

Different things work for different people.  There are many factors that contribute to our states of health and disease.  A crystal or herb that may work for some, may not work for others. If one doesn’t work, try another. Junk food, caffeine, salt and sugary foods all heighten stress and tension, and cause overall imbalance.  You need to reduce/eliminate these to aid the body’s inherent ability to heal and recover.  Eating late at night can also be the source of discomforts, nightmares, restless sleep (insomniacs should cut down on salt), emotional disharmony and resulting stress.

The dynamics of crystal healing are dependent upon three things: vibration, color and mineral constituents. All crystals are born deep within the earth’s magnetic field, and they absorb the Earth’s magnetic charge as well as stellar radiation.  Each cell within the human body also has an electrical charge and when the charge of a crystal is brought close to a cell, or to the Aura, (the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds the physical body, it gently brings the energy of the cell or the Aura back into balance, relieving stress in the body. This means that the crystals and gemstones that we carry in amulets or pouches and wear as jewelry have the ability to restore balance in our bodies, the lack of which may have manifested as stress or disease/illness.

Here are some herbs that can be prepared in various ways to help relieve tensions and stress: Catnip (relieves “congestion” of emotional tensions); Hops (used in pillows to treat insomnia); Vervain (good for nervous conditions and headaches); Eleuthero (a Ginseng relative that is exceptional for treating insomnia); Rosemary (soothes/relieves nervous insomnia, mental fatigue and simple or congestive headaches); Mugwort (excellent nervine for uncontrollable shaking, insomnia); Marjoram (relieves headache/insomnia); Anise (½tsp in cup of warm milk (stand for 5min then strain) at bedtime prevents insomnia and nightmares; Skullcap (excellent for all nerve disorders); Valerian (calming and sedating for emotional disturbances and pain); (Red) Fu Ling (best for nervous/restless conditions and treating hyperactivity in children).

Some crystals have astrological correspondences.  They are aligned to a particular planet or zodiac sign.  They can draw celestial energy into the particular part of the body that is connected to or “governed” by that planet or zodiac sign.  There are a variety of crystals that influence healing of the individual Zodiac Signs.  Mainly, they are: ARIES – rubies, amethyst, citrine and aquamarine; for TAURUS – emerald, topaz, aquamarine, rhodonite; for GEMINI – tourmaline, apatite, pearl, aquamarine; for CANCER – moonstone, pearl, amber, ruby; for LEO – tiger’s (or cat’s) eye, ruby, amber, fire agate; for VIRGO – peridot, sardonyx, amber, carnelian; for LIBRA – sapphire, opal, ametrine, aventurine; for SCORPIO – yellow topaz, malachite, apache tear, green tourmaline; for SAGITTARIUS – blue topaz, turquoise, amethyst, lapis lazuli; for CAPRICORN – jet, onyx, amber, garnet, black tourmaline; for AQUARIUS – aquamarine, amethyst, amber, chrysoprase, and for PISCES – moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone.

In my book: The Energetics of How Herbs Work, without Drugs or Surgery, I take all this a step further, and connect each of the zodiac signs with the systems in they body that they govern.  For example, the Central Nervous System/Brain is governed by Aries; the Endocrine System is governed by Taurus; the Respiratory System is governed by Gemini, and the Immune System is ruled by Cancer, and so on.  To help us reach back into our ancestral culture, I also include our Kemetic/Egyptian zodiac signs and their meanings.  If we can understand these vital connections and inherent relationships, it will give us greater tools to identify our natural susceptibilities to illness and disease by virtue of what sign we were born under, and enable us to get a handle on our natural weaknesses before they become full-blown illness and disease.

Likewise, there are specific gemstones that are attuned to specific organs or body systems.  Here are some physical correspondences: for the Brain – Amber, Green Tourmaline; for the Ears – black and snowflake Obsidian; for the Eyes – Aquamarine, Fire Agate; for the Shoulders – Selenite; for the Lungs – Peridot, Turquoise, Lapis-Lazuli; for the Stomach – Fire Agate, Green Flourite; for the Prostate – Chrysoprase; for the Testes – Carnelian; for the Skeletal System – Flourite, Chrysocolla, Amazonite; for the Heart – Rose Quartz, Rhodonite; for the Liver – Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Red-Jasper; for the Female Reproductive-System – Carnelian, Moonstone, Unakite, Amber, and for the Circulatory System – Amethyst, Bloodstone, Hematite, and Red-Jasper.