Bloomberg Enters 2020 Presidential Race

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Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced his 2020 presidential campaign over the weekend. The multi-billionaire and politician made the announcement that he is running in the crowded race for the Democratic presidential nomination, after weeks of speculation.

Last week, Bloomberg’s bid for the White House became evident when he publicly apologized for supporting the city’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy — which overwhelmingly targeted black and Hispanic New Yorkers, to black churchgoers of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn. His timely expression of regret came ahead of officially publicizing his presidential run and may possibly be Bloomberg’s earliest chance to reshape his perception amongst voters and activists who criticized his endorsement of stop-and-frisk. 

“I got something really important really wrong. I didn’t understand that back then — the full impact that stops were having on the black and Latino communities,” said Bloomberg. 

The 77-year-old frequently championed the practice during and after his mayorship, and credited the tactic for a reduction in crime, despite statistics showing that crime did not increase after reformation of stop-and-frisk, nor did it heavily impact the city’s crime rate. 

In 2013, a federal judge presiding over Floyd v. City of New York, ruled that areas of the NYPD’s execution of the stop-and-frisk policy was unconstitutional, and the city was found liable for violating civil rights and ordered to reform stop-and-frisk. 

Now seven years later after the ruling, Bloomberg emerges as the latest entrant in the presidential race, and becomes the 18th democrat gunning for the country’s highest office.

In a statement on his campaign website, Bloomberg targets President Trump and emphasizes a sense of urgency to keep his presidency to one term: 

“We cannot afford four more years of President Trump’s reckless and unethical actions. He represents an existential threat to our country and our values. If he wins another term in office, we may never recover from the damage.” 

He also added that he’s previously challenged Trump on other issues and has come out on top.

“I offer myself as a doer and a problem solver – not a talker. And as someone who is ready to take on the tough fights – and win. I took on Trump on gun violence – and won stronger gun laws in states across the country. I took on Trump the climate denier – and have led an effort that has closed more than half the nation’s dirty coal plants.”