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A major international humanitarian organization has pre-approved grants to countries that are experiencing financial difficulties primarily as a result of the onslaught of the global pandemic.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna has called a Zoom Meeting with major stakeholders for this weekend. The press conference will include government officials, media practitioners and the private sector which will provide detailed information on how countries can access these funds.

The News Conference will address four key areas:

1. The allocation of up to One Billion Pounds [£1,000,000,000.00] of pre-approved grant funding to assist countries in financial difficulties as a consequence of the economic downturn precipitated by Covid 19. They wish to make some of these funds available to countries.

2. The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna will also cancel the National Debt [Internal, external, & Bilateral].

3. The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna has also pre-approved three times each country’s GDP to assist the nation in rebuilding its economies.


4. The Kingdom of Manna has allocated Two Thousand Pounds per citizen to fund a dynamic new campaign aimed at eradicating Aggression and Violence in Proximity Relationships. It is being proposed that this program will be hosted in a COUNTRY and funding allocated for its conduct for a ten-year period.

All funds are grants given as non-recourse loans with no obligations of repayment.

Government officials and interested stakeholders can email for the third scheduled Zoom Meeting to be held the week of October 12, 2020.

The mandate of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is to establish diplomatic ties, help in the establishment of sovereignty to all nations, redistribute wealth and eradicate poverty.