Donald Trump’s Complete Lack of Empathy has had Thousands of Covid Victims Pay with their Lives 

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Empathy : the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.   All successful politicians are probably lacking in this area.   The stream of lies they must tell on a daily must be debilitating, and the overall process of playing politics might kill most of us.  But we’ve never seen any President discard empathy like Donald Trump has, and tens of thousands of Covid victims have paid for his deficiency with their lives.
Trump began by declaring himself the first victim.  ‘This is so unfair to me! Everything was going great. We were cruising to reelection!
Seriously, America is navigating the most dire calamity faced since WWII, and we have a third grader in charge.  But let’s dig into the details.
Now, I’m not going to kill Trump for his initial screw ups.  Leaders across the nation and the globe hesitated, fumbled and misinterpreted the seriousness of the virus. But once New York clearly went around the bend, and we realized the magnitude, Trump put politics ahead of human life at every turn.
“A hoax,” he called the tragedy.  Thousands of New Yorkers were dying, and his anti-empathy kicked into gear.  The enemy of the people and deep state conspiracy were to blame, and what should have been a shared national crisis broke out as our latest division.
The groundwork was now laid to double down, and turn science into a referendum on state’s rights. So we have no national strategy, we have no defense production act and states were left to seek supplies from the highest bidder.
Trump supporters and Republican politicians, why did you condone this behavior? When will you stand up?
Thus, masks became a point of contention, and toxic masculinity trumped the true measure of a man.  So instead of humans deferring to science, he or she yields to the image of what a demented leader thinks manhood is. 
Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control can only lament the failing. “If we could get everybody to wear a mask right now, I really think in the next four, six, eight weeks, we could bring this epidemic under control.”
But aligning with the anti-intellectual, anti-science tendencies of his base, Trump has no problem sacrificing real humans to potentially rack up political points. He has even gone as far to discredit the incorruptible Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Mitch McConnell where are you.  You must stop enabling this man?
Of course, the economy yields the most points and charging ahead of science is easy when your empathy levels seamlessly disregard loss of life.  Trump even went as far to incite violence to get Virginia to open.  LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment,” Trump tweeted and the crazy came out in fatigues and full metal jackets of cowardice.
Still, we can all count – no matter our political leanings. Almost 70,000 cases registered on July 22 so an explanation was readied.   More tests mean more verified cases, and that’s why it appears that Europe is doing better. 
I get the logic. But do I really need to verify Trump’s assertion that we have a better testing regimen than countries that have effectively managed the crisis?
The 288 cases registered on July 22 in Italy would imply quite a drop off in testing – especially for a country that is ready to safely reopen.  Ted Cruz, are you paying attention? You are complicit until you speak up.  
So the math impossible to ignore, Trump finally donned a mask.  The political reality can no longer support his deadly strategy, and the President’s recent admission verifies. “It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better,” relented Trump.
A little late but if the documented psychosis is not enough,  let’s go back and get a glimpse of the man who would be king. Peter Osnos edited the Art of the Deal and got to know Donald Trump pretty well.  The most telling reveal took place after four of Trump’s young Atlantic City business partners died in a helicopter.
“That’s so awful,” Osnos consoled the mogul afterwards, and Trump’s response says it all.  “You know I could have been on that helicopter,” Osnor conveyed Trump’s words to Brian Lamb of C-Span.
There are really no words. This man must be stopped, and to those who still support him,  it begins with you.