Federal judge demands copy of executive order following Roger Stone’s commutation

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A US District Judge has ordered parties involved in Roger Stone’s commutation to provide a copy of the executive order by Tuesday.

The new request in relation to President Trump’s executive order to “commute the entirety of the prison sentence on Roger Stone Jr,” comes after a political backlash reverberated in Washington over the weekend.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller published a Washington Post op-ed condemning the commutation saying that Stone remained “a convicted felon,” while defending the Russia investigation.

President Trump has attacked both the Russia investigation and Roger Stone’s trial last year. Naming both former President Obama and 2020 Presidential Candidate Joe Biden “criminals,” the President went on to say in a Tweet published Saturday that Stone had been a victim of an “illegal witch-hunt” which should have never taken place.

With his executive order, Trump commuted Stone’s prison sentence along with two-years of probation and his fine, remitting $20,000 of the remaining fee imposed.

Federal judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered a copy of the executive order be provided by Tuesday to determine the specifics of the clemency and what the executive order from the White House says in regards to Stone’s commutation.

In response to the request, Stone’s attorney, Grant Smith, tweeted out a copy of the President’s executive order and said that “it speaks for itself” in answer to the judge’s inquiry.

Further details of the clemency arrangement were published by the Justice Department this week.

Roger Stone, 67, was originally sentenced to three years and 4 months in prison after being convicted by a Washington jury in 2019 of lying under oath and interfering in the 2016 presidential elections. Stone was found guilty of all 7 counts but the President’s executive order means that his close ally will no longer have to report to a federal prison in Georgia, originally scheduled for Tuesday.

Congressional Democrats have accused the President of a gross misuse of power saying that the commutation is “an assault on the rule of law.”