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George Floyd To Be Buried In Houston Today

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George Floyd, the man who has inspired several anti-racist protests across the world, will be buried in Houston, Texas today.

His burial comes two weeks after his death while being held by police in a Minneapolis street. Videos circulating on social media show former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee, for nearly nine minutes as he pleaded for air.

Thousands of mourners paid their respects on Monday at the Fountain of Praise Church in Houston where Floyd grew up.

Floyd’s death has unleashed a surge of protests, looting and clashes with the police across cities in the U.S. as the cries against racism and the mistreatment of black people intensify.

The demonstrations have re-energized the Black Lives Matter movement which which advocates for racial justice and police reforms in the US.

Chauvin, who was arrested after the government was placed under mounting pressure from civil society and black activists, is set for bail at $1.25m.