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An International Humanitarian Organization is offering grant-funding to public and private sector entities in the Caribbean and across the World.

The Sovereign Kingdom of Manna says institutions that can benefit financially include Churches, Non-Governmental Organizations/NGOs along with well established private businesses and the Government.

The officials of the Humanitarian Organization have called Zoom Meetings to explain the process of accessing these grant funds on Wednesdays and Sundays, 8 PM EST. The meetings will last approximately 90 minutes.

The allocation will be dependent on the project proposal presented with budgetary allocation and its viability in your country on a case-by-case basis.

All funds are grants given as non-course loans.

Established and registered Churches, with one or two local branches or more in a country, are more so encouraged to register for the Zoom Meeting.

The Kingdom of Manna is officially a sovereign nation, with sovereignty being first recognized by the Grace Assyrian Kingdom in 714 BCE, and in modern times by multiple nations globally. The Kingdom of Manna has always been completely independent with full sovereign status and rights.

To register for the zoom meetings, email your name, organization’s name, the mandate of the organization, budgetary allocation in US$, and confirmation of your attendance to You are also to prepare an Executive Summary with budget allocation for five years to be emailed at the end of the meeting if you wish.

Closing dates and times for registration are Tuesday at 1 PM EST. before Wednesday’s meeting and Saturday at 1 PM EST. before Sunday’s meeting.

The Kingdom of Manna originally existed in ancient times with a rich cultural history deeply rooted in art, science, medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry and advanced building practices. Inspired by the past, committed to the present and hopeful for the future, The Kingdom of Manna is reinvigorating, developing and sustaining the Kingdom founded on the values of loyalty, honor, and respect.

The Kingdom of Manna’s vision is not simply for the benefit of The Kingdom of Manna and her own citizens, but also for the benefit of all other sovereignties and their citizens and for all of nature itself.

The mandate of the Sovereign Kingdom of Manna is to establish diplomatic ties, help in the establishment of sovereignty to all nations, redistribute wealth, and eradicate poverty.

Seats are limited….do not delay!!!  Knowledge is Power!!!!