Jamaican Cultural Connection Now Celebrates Ten Years Of Existence Amid Covid-19

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By now everyone is aware of the devastation this virus has caused or could cause due to public gathering.  So, the venue of Zoom was the choice for this organization to meet, select, vote, and inaugurate a new president.  Rosemarie Roth, a native from Clarendon, Jamaica accepted the nomination to sit at the helm of this organization for the next two years.   No fanfare, but a vision to carry the mission statement to the forefront of the Jamaican diaspora.

Rosemarie Roth joins hands with the executive board, noting she wants the members to “…strive to empower our citizens to come together in cultural unity and connectivity to educate, train, build and enhance the quality of life for the less fortunate in our local and Jamaican communities”.  

The heart of JCC rests on being a hand extended to those suffering from life’s setbacks; mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically.  Their commitment to create cultural events for socialization, to raise monies and support for those back on the island of Jamaica.  In the past, they have assisted those who were incarcerated with tools to open a roadside soup kitchen, raise chickens, or start backyard gardens.  Simple gifts as three packs of hair brought fifteen hundred dollars to a braider.  And a barber’s clipper became a practice instrument that led to a vocational training institute.  All with the hope to increase the quality of life through tangible provision for their families.  

The immediate needs are persisting for an emphasis on medical supplies pertaining to the coronavirus and willing hands to rejuvenate the pause button that was placed on education since the lockdown.  JCC is aware that poverty will increase due to this pandemic; therefore, we are positioning our members to create awareness and fundraising outside the norm.  “Each one brings one” seems to be an appropriate motive as we strategically link up with each other for the good of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Reflection for the Jamaica diaspora is a homeland of simplicity, creativity, and productivity.  Now, JCC’s core had no problem etching a place into the hearts of the members to adopt a person, a project, or an idea that will make a difference.  Roth states that the contributions of Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley, Louise Bennet-Coverley are examples the organization uses to enlighten Jamaicans about the importance of leaving a legacy of kindness.  But more specifically, the importance is emphasized for those who never grew up in Jamaica to learn more about the culture and become “citizens” through doing.

To learn more about Jamaican Cultural Connection you can “link up” at www.jccnow.org or call Rosemarie Roth directly at (352) 321-0932.