Marine Charged for Haiti Gun-smuggling

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An American marine is facing federal charges in North Carolina for smuggling guns into Haiti last month. 

The marine, who is also a native of Haiti, was arrested upon arrival to the Caribbean nation on Nov. 12, and subsequently detained after Haitian authorities discovered three gun cases containing ammunition and firearms, according to the Miami Herald who first broke the story.

Haitian police busted 33-year-old Jacques Yves Duroseau, when he landed on an American Airlines carrier in Port-au-Prince, equipped with body armor, three rifles, and five handguns — several of which Duroseau bought himself.

He did not have authorization to travel with guns.

According to the report, Duroseau claims he intentionally brought the guns to the country in an attempt to train the Haitian military, put an end to detractors that he blames for causing instability, and to make a statement on his desire to lead Haiti.

Duroseau is still detained in Haiti, but a federal judge recently issued a warrant for his arrest.