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Trump Confirms US Election Set For Nov. 3 As Planned

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US President Donald Trump, has shut down speculations that the presidential election will be delayed, noting there will be an election on November 3 as planned.

Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the U.S. elections, an idea that was greatly opposed by both Democrats and his fellow Republicans in Congress.

But White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, later explained that the Republican President was raising concerns about mail-in ballots when he floated the idea of delaying the U.S. vote.

A Reuters news report said that “critics and even Trump’s allies dismissed the notion as an unserious attempt to distract from devastating economic news, but some legal experts warned that his repeated attacks could undermine his supporters’ faith in the election process”.

Trump has been trying to undermine confidence in mail-in balloting, claiming repeatedly that it would lead to widespread voter fraud.

Meadows has since warned that mail-in ballots must be handled properly without providing evidence that they have not been in the past.