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US Supreme Court Rules In Support Of Abortion Rights

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The United States Supreme Court on Monday struck down a Louisiana law regulating abortion clinics, in its first big abortion ruling under the Trump administration.

The law included a requirement that doctors who perform abortions have an arrangement called “admitting privileges” at a hospital within 48km (30 miles) of the abortion clinic.

Anti-abortion activist and president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, Marjorie Dannenfelser, , said the action “demonstrates once again the failure of the Supreme Court to allow the American people to protect the well-being of women from the tentacles of a brutal and profit-seeking abortion industry”.

According to an Al Jazeera report, the Louisiana law is identical to one that was struck down in Texas in 2016, when conservative Justice Anthony Kennedy joined the four liberal justices to defend abortion rights. But Kennedy retired in 2018 and Republican President Donald Trump replaced him with conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh, moving the court further to the right.

Abortion has been legal in the US since the 1973 Supreme Court decision known as Roe v Wade. But over the years various efforts have been made to restrict access to abortions. Those restrictions often disproportionately affect poor people and communities of colour.