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With Kristaps Porzingas’ injury becoming a dark cloud on the Knicks’s franchise, how much of a factor will he be on the court? How much will he be a part of the franchises’ future plans? Stay tuned!    photo credit by Paul Bereswill/getty images

Sports in general brings a variety of emotions. One moment, you will be happy, mad, sad and just lose your mind to the moments a game can bring. Unfortunately, injuries do come with the territory when playing sports. This year in just the first half, we have witness some horrible ones including injuries to Gordon Hayward and Isiah Caanon. For the New York Knicks, their already frustrating season just became yet another nightmare. Just over a week ago, Knicks star player Kristaps Porzingas tore his left ACL (anterior circiate ligament) in a home game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Porzingas drove to the basket and threw down a one-handed slam and came down awkwardly on his left knee as he laid on the floor in pain.

This injury makes the teams’ future even more uncertain. Porzingas is one of many to have suffered this injury between the ages of 21-23. Players such as Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Jamal Crawford, Nenad Kristic, Nene, Ricky Rubio, Al Harrington and Jared Jefferies just to name a few. There are a few ups and downs to this injury as far as it pertains to the future of Kristaps Porzingas. The upside: Porzingas is 22-years old and with a strong rehab ahead of him, it is likely he can return during the second half of the 2018-19 season as an ACL injury will sideline him up to 10-12 months. Porzingas relies on his post-up moves and his knock down three point shots. If there’s one major thing that an ACL tear affects is a players speed and quickness, something Porzingas is not known for. The Downside: coming back at full strength is not a certainty and if players do come back from an ACL injury, it will take some significant time for a player to be what is once was or better than ever. We have seen a player like Derrick Rose win the NBA MVP in 2011. After his ACL tear, Rose has find it hard to stay healthy on the court and is currently out of the league because of questions regarding his durability. History indicates that when a player of Porzingas’ size suffers a serious injury, they may not be the same. A perfect example would be Yao Ming. Once the NBA’s darling until he had issues with his foot which ultimately forced him to retire.

No one knows the direction the Knicks’ franchise is heading. Many say, this injury puts the franchise back three more years to potentially becoming a playoff-caliber team. When the time comes when Porzingas becomes a free agent, will the Knicks consider signing him to a long-term deal? After all, in Philadelphia, it seems to have worked out just fine by trusting the process with their star center Joel Embiid, who was out nearly 2 years due to a foot and back injuries. The logical path for the Knicks is to look ahead to the 2019-20 season. Joakim Noah will have one year left on his contract if he is not traded or released by the team by then, the team would perhaps have one or two more lottery draft picks to go along with Porzingas and their young Frenchman Frank Ntilikina. Porzingas is still a huge part of the Knicks’ future plans. How big of a part you say? That could be a question that will take about two years to answer. We know Knicks fan will await the return of Kristaps Porzingas.